Sandusky Baptist Church

34 Gaige Street, Sandusky Mi 48471


Sandusky Baptist Church
34 Gaige Street
Sandusky Mi  48471

Church 810-648-3310
Pastor's Cell 810-404-3900



Sunday School    10:00 A.M.
Morning Worship  11:00 A.M.


Bible Study and Prayer 7:00 P.M.


Online Giving

Welcome to our online giving page.



Step-By-Step Instructions
Step 1.) Click on 'Give' button
Step 2.) Click on 'Sign-Up' in upper right-hand corner of window
Step 3.) Click on 'Create Account'
Step 4.) Enter requested information
Step 5.) Click on 'Submit'
Step 6.) Click 'OK'
Step 7.) Enter PIN at prompt
Step 8.) Select payment type and enter payment account info
Step 9.) Click 'Save and Continue'
Step 10.) Click 'OK'
Step 11.) You are now ready to give!
Step 12.) Enter $ amount to give and select fund from drop-down menu
Step 13.) Click on '+' symbol to give to multiple funds
Step 14.) Click on the give button at the bottom of the screen
Step 15.) Click 'OK' to confirm amount
Step 16.) You should get a response indicatating your giving was successful
Step 17.) Click on 'Return Home' to exit giving
Step 18.) Your giving is now complete
Step 19.) You should receive an email showing the details of your giving

- Future visits should automatically sign you in
- If not automatically signed-in, click on 'Login' and enter login info

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